It was a long and varied evening yesterday that started off with a really delightful TheatreSports show at 6pm. After that I made my way to The Cape Town Edge venue, The Princess Alice, to see Return to Traveller, a piece ‘organised’ and put together by Julia Raynam’s mind and name, Resonance Bazaar. But before I went in I monopolised Rob Murray, director, and Liezl de Kok, performer, of Quack! I had a lot to say, and the debate was heated and healthy.

Back to Return to Traveller. The stage was set with the strangest and most interesting musical instruments. There was a weird circular harp thing, a very big one string bow, a weird silver metal plated disc thing, shakers, horns and Warrick Sony’s electronic table, with turntable, apple lappie, mixers and other tech stuff. What the show was was Warrick, Dizu Plaatjies and a guy from Portugal (playing the weird instruments) playing interesting music and sounds to a strange and beautiful movie of rural Africa, water, kids, roads, trees, travelling, and an interesting backing track. Sounds weird, but it was strangely engaging and beautiful. I loved Dizu and Warrick; two genius musos and performers. I wasn’t as enthused with the guy from Portugal, who, while having the most impressive instruments, seemed a bit out of his depth musically and, to my unmusical mind, was just mucking about. I must say this though. This show, musically improvised, is more the G’town fare I know and love: Risky, weird, esoteric and strangely engaging and enjoyable.

I made the forty minute drive back home in a good mood. Ah, G’town.