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Reunion, a new love affair

I am sitting by the pool in a bit of early morning solitude after another hectic, full, inspirational, hot day yesterday. We ran improv workshops in a yurt from 9am to 5pm and then performed two high energy shows one after another last night in a bar. We got home at around midnight a little like zombies, armed with the knowledge that this week was hurtling to an end and that today was our last day here.

It has been amazing. I am in love with this tiny island and its people, the weird little piece of France in the middle of the sea, the gorgeous coastline, the strange vegetation, the humidity, the quirkiness, the music. Also, the fact that there are 70 practicing improvisers on this island with a population of about 800 000.

Last night the coolest people ever squeezed into a bar to watch two shows in a row. After a minute’s silence to honour Madiba we played our hearts out with two cool local teams, who were doing these two formats for the first time ever. It was incredible.

Today we perform our own creation in the yurt, and join some of the other shows, in a massive telethon style rolling show that starts at 9am in the morning. Then it is party time and home time. We need to be at the airport at 6am tomorrow morning!


Thoughts and realisations


Hamba Kahle Tata Madiba


  1. love it Megs – so super amped for experiences like these that you get to have especially after putting so much work and energy into TS over the years – you are truly deserving… love it! [Cheering from afar]

  2. Beilla Gans

    Simply fab – even if I don’t know what a “yurt” is. Tante B

  3. Eiram ZaNo

    It was a wonderful week !
    It was fabulous meet you and perform with you !
    Thanks a lot !

    A bientôt !!

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