I know I stuffed this one up and have messed up my chances of taking it further, but it is still on my mind about two weeks later. It’s a classic Meg’s Moan in. Here’s the story. About a month ago I booked airline tickets on line for me and Big Friendly. We are going to visit family in Durbs before Xmas. I paid with my credit card. That’s how I always do it.

About two weeks later I got a phone call from AIG. The call centre caller said, “We noticed that you used your credit card to book airline tickets. Are you travelling locally or overseas? We have fantastic travel insurance that I’d like to tell you about.” I was horrified. Nedbank had sold my info to an arbitrary insurance company, who now had information on how I use my credit card. I shouted at the poor girl and of course she gave me the “it wasn’t my fault” response.

I immediately hopped onto Nedbank‘s website and wrote a complaint in their little feedback form. Like an idiot I didn’t keep a copy for my records, which means that I can’t take up my complaint with the banking ombudsman, which is what I really want to do.

Anyway, needless to say, I got a call from Nedbank, with regard to my complaint. They promised to put a mark next to my name to make sure that I don’t get called about other products. I kept on trying to explain that that was not my problem. My problem was that Nedbank had given or sold information about how I use my credit card to another company without my permission or knowledge. This feels wrong. It feels illegal. I mean, it probably isn’t, but it feels like my privacy has been violated. Of course the Nedbank guy who made the phone call couldn’t help.

So, my name has a mark on it now, warning companies that, after they have looked through my on-line credit card transactions, they shouldn’t call me and try and sell me stuff. How shit is that?