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Saving the Rhino

I am about to propose the most hard-core, radical idea I have ever had. I am sure it is going to be considered truly outrageous and many will say it is cruel and heartless, but honestly, I can’t take the rhino poaching any more.

I can’t look at the pictures of these massive animals with their bloody and hacked faces. I can’t stomach the sight of them. I want to gag every time one of them is left alive after such a brutal attack. I am horrified and sickened every time another one  gets killed, and this news comes to us on a daily basis.

I have given up hope that there is an organisation or government or group that can combat this unbearable, ruthless, despicable scourge and I can’t imagine how we can turn the tide. I am deeply afraid that the killing of rhino will only come to an end when the last one has been killed. We are not saving these animals whose lives are in danger from the moment they grow a horn. We are not protecting them, however good our intentions are, and the odds are they will be slaughtered in the cruelest way until they are all dead.

So I propose we kill them all tomorrow. We have failed them and cannot guarantee their safety or a quality of life. Let’s kill them as swiftly and painlessly as possible and bury or burn their bodies. Let’s not leave one of them open to more pain, suffering, abuse and certain cruelty. Yes, there will be no more rhino on this planet and it will be our fault. All of us. But at least they will have been spared the hideous cruelty of humans forever more. I am not joking. I am deadly, horribly serious. I am desperate to change my mind, but nobody has given me a hint of hope that there is anything else that can be done. Humans don’t deserve them.


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  1. Anthony Holland

    That’s the worst solution I’ve ever heard.

  2. i hear what you’re saying megan, as i imagine most won’t.

    i don’t believe it’s the answer but it really is horribly painful that we [or anyone] have not come up with a viable solution.

    and hopefully the people who care so much [as many do] will continue to fight and try to figure out the alternative suggestion which is better than what you suggest. my biggest problem with if your solution was the right solution is that once there are no more rhinos, the poachers would move to something else and so if the end of rhinos meant the end to poaching it might – even in its insanity – appear to be the right one… but it would just keep moving on to the next target…

  3. megan

    Brett, in a way that is my horror and devastation. Rhino are just a symbol and a symptom. I just don’t think we can justify keeping them alive if we can’t prevent their hideous slaughter.

  4. Great idea Megan, but I propose we don’t limit it to suffering animals. Let’s nuke Syria.

  5. megan

    Why only Syria?

  6. Julian de Wette

    Sounds like national suicide in rhino-speak.

  7. megan

    I am worried that my comment about Syria has lightened my tone, and trivialised the issue. So far there is not one practical counter-argumment to my radical idea.

  8. sandra

    Oh yes, lets kill everything that suffers. Starting with the dogs and cats in the kennels. Then, once we have eradicated all animal species start wit the humans. street children first perhaps, then the elderly, the destitute and once we have killed everything, will the last person please switch off the light and point a gun at their head and pull the trigger.

  9. megan

    So Sandra, your solution is?

  10. Beilla Gans

    Way to go, Sandra. Megan, I am so glad that your human killings in S.A. are now so negligible that we can despair and become overwhelmed with “Dickension Lacrimosity” – love that phrase – over the killing of rhinos.! C’est la vie. Like it or not. Tante B

  11. Yes Megan, I’ve thought about this too. I’m almost forced to the conclusion that this is the only ethical thing to do, if you accept a premise (and it’s only a premise, I don’t know the actual numbers): that the vast majority of rhino deaths until their eventual extinction will be cruel, slow, inhumane ones. It’s the classic trolley problem: actively kill all rhinos humanely now, or passively let them all die in suffering?

    Yet the flip side is that the numbers, as far as I know them, show a good few years before they’re all dead; and as we get to letting the last few ones die, it becomes harder and harder for poachers to find them. Just as we’ve heard of peak oil, there will be peak rhino, and we might “never” actually run out of rhinos completely.

    Sandra, Beilla: the difference is that rhinos are not legal persons, they can’t sue us or compel us to do anything. They basically don’t have any agency in our society. Street children and the elderly do. In a sense the latter can “speak for themselves”, rhinos can’t. Further, Megan’s argument is not to kill rhinos because they suffer. No, her argument is to kill them because they suffer AND we can’t/won’t do anything about it. Not so for stray dogs / cats – we’re doing plenty for those that get to a kennel. (And, in fact, those that don’t find a home *do* get euthanized.) So your reductio ad absurdum argument relies on a false analogy. Sorry.

  12. Beilla Gans

    So, Berndt. What’s the false analogy? Tante B.

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