I was wondering whether I would go through the fest without giving a standing ovation. I am particularly shnoep with them, and even though I have seen stuff I loved, nothing swept me to my feet until Seriously? by Ewok. It was my first exposure to this rapactor poetartist wordmaster picturemaker, and he is rather extraordinary.

In a sweeping circle of word light animation slide picture he takes the audience on a journey to find out who he is and what part he plays. It’s personal history, universal truth, birth of rap, Zululand school, becoming a performer, politic, play. The show is tight. There are many words and ideas. He is magnetic and magical and power.

There are few people who can rivetingly hold my attention that long and that intensely. And he is very, very astute and funny. I deeply, highly recommend re commend this witty wit. Brilliantly performed by Ian Ewok Robinson and directed by Karen Logan this is another show that every student at the festival should see.

Real per force tour de force performer transformer poet. Yo. Yoyo.