Melbourne was definitely the magical extension of Improvention, with classes, a performance, and socialising with all the Impro-Melbourne bunch (culminating in a huge party and Timtam Slam at Mark’s house).

Sydney has been totally different. I slid into Sydney at stayed over (for the first night I was here) at two delightful strangers. Ange was going to be at Improvention but ended up not coming, and still she opened her door to me.

Now I am ensconced at my cousin’s gorgeous house (the whole fandamily has just got back from SA) and I have spent the last two days exploring the city on my own. It is really beautiful, sexy, stylish and very happening. I checked out the Opera house, walked the cerntral city flat, took a ferry to Cockatoo Island for the Biennale, had great coffee, explored Chinatown, did a bit of shopping, and started getting to know my way around. Love it.

The only really hard thing about being away from home for so long is that I am completely pining for my sweetie Big Friendly.