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Shez review

To see our first (and rather good review) just go here and click. Yay.


In Raptus


nose to the groundstone


  1. The Saint

    Oh yah ……… oh yah, oh yah, oh yah ……… oh yah. Check it out via KBT website.

  2. Good crit, well done, guys! Who’s the crit? Couldn’t find a name, is it there? (I must have been doing the old Cremora bit).

  3. megan

    Marianne Thamm. How cool is that? An accolade from a really proper place.

  4. Marianne Thamm is a real supporter of the arts. While many of her so-called colleagues did unspeakable damage to Cape Town theatre life, she’s been helpful and supportive. I’ve just been thinking, when is the last time we saw work by Martinus Basson, Christopher Weare, Geoffrey Hyland and (many!) other on the public stage?

  5. I pressed the SUBMIT button too early… sorry: I was going to say that you must feel quite isolated sometimes, dear Friendly, carrying the torch for absent thespians and subdued directors. Keep going, you’re doing great – and you have people like Marianne Thamm to help with the media thingy. All is not lost, right? Right?

  6. megan

    as Sharon says, “Am I right or am I right?”

  7. The Saint

    Dear Rudy
    I agree with you about Marianne but she is not alone – I recommend you to the real review [Brent Meersman’s blog – very complicated address so Google the real review and take it from there]. We have also found that certain of the [very] local press in the far South really do support us and our efforts. As for directors, both Weare and Hyland had stuff at Grahamstown this year and quite a lot of Hyland’s stuff has been done locally in the last year [“Kissed by Brel for example]. Chris’ production of “Frank ‘n Stein” was at KBT last December and he does a lot of work with Alan Committie. Don not despair there are those of us out here who still believe in CT theatre – the flu-ridden Megan is one of the best.

  8. Thanks for this, Your Holiness, I agree fully with your comment – words and sentiments. As to dear Friendly (aka Megan) – of course, she’s been an amazingly skilled and talented champion of CT theatre for 20-odd years, if it weren’t for her, those dark stage nights would have been even more frequent.

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