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Shit Crit

So, today we are on the receiving end of a really harsh crit from Adrienne Sichel in Jozi’s Star. And it really is hard and painful. Eina. I must admit that it feels like she was at a totally different show. As Sharon says, “Oh well, the bitterness just doesn’t get less.”

I still believe Shez is delightful, funny, warm and charming. It’s not hard-hitting satire, message driven or even deep and meaningful, but Nicole is delicious and full of love.




Hilarious, out there (well, in actually) More South African Deep Freezing

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  1. The Saint

    This is my email to the Editor of the Star
    “Oh Dear Has Ms Sichel got it wrong in her review of this play – way, way wrong. Don’t believe her Jo’burgers – this play ran at my theatre in CT for 4 weeks and audiences loved it and critics praised it. It’s light, fun and entertaining and it’s not meant to be anything else. Who cares if something like this has been done before somewhere? Is audience particiaption [which by the way is gentle and kind – not embarrassing] ever not contrived.
    Brent Meersman, our leading critic called it “a delightful and heartening comedy” and Artscape said “his show has what, in my opinion, good theatre needs – some entertainment value, and something to make one think a little”. Lighten up Adrienne. This play is worth seeing – go book now.”

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