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shit house mouse

We were shocked and frightened by the minute but cheeky rodent we saw in the kitchen this morning. And totally freaked out too. What do you do? After noticing it running all over the place I got onto the phone. A very nice pest man said he would bring us a humane mouse trap after we discussed the more evil and hideous poisons (an anti-coagulant that causes the mouse to die from internal bleeding) and glue traps (when the mice get stuck they die of stress). So how this trap works is; it’s a small plastic tunnel shaped box with a swing door. You put bait (peanut butter) in and the mouse swings through the door and can’t get out. You then take it somewhere, turn the box over and set it free. Ja! Like hell. The mouse almost died laughing. I swear, it didn’t go NEAR the thing.

Anyway, I was at TheatreSports class when Big Friendly phoned in a state. The white dog Gally had lunged for the tiny mouse when it ran past her while she lay on her pillow and she managed to kill it suddenly. She was in a state, whimpering and shivering and completely not understanding what she had done. I was relieved. The mouse was gone. And suddenly and naturally too. I phoned Big Friendly a couple of minutes later to see how she was. He was on the couch. As we were speaking his voice rose. He was staring at…another mouse!

When I got home it was ON the kitchen counter and it ran UNDER the microwave! I can see it now! It’s IGNORING the trap completely.

So we have an infestation probably. I can only see one now, but who knows! I have no idea what to do. We are both totally going crazy. Help!


theatre free


they’ve taken over!


  1. bobby

    i had a roach problem so (being like you and not wanting to kill things) i discovered an electrical device that emits a sound, friendly to people and pets, which roaches hate. they therefore leave my home voluntarily. it has a switch which turns it into a rat deterrent. it only costs a couple of cents a day to run.

    wonder if you can find it in sa? i got mine at a ‘hi fi corporation’ type place.

    website is:


  2. Jason

    Get a cat?

  3. megan

    Oh, the mouse-torturing cat is dead! We live in a road that is death to cats! Saskia was very effective until she was run over.

  4. Oi. This is the funniest bit I read in days! I know you’re traumatised, dear Friendlies, but can you see the possibilities? A Neil Simon’ish two hander, Him and Her, husband and wife, two dogs and mice galore! The Pied Pipers and the Deadly Y’allows. hey, with a name like that you could get MTN sponsorship. Oi, Platz!.

  5. Trevor du Buisson

    unfortunately throughout history we have had to take strong action against household pests. they will just get worse, as i have had that experience in one of my previous houses. poison is inhumane, does work though. however not a great idea with other animals in the house. i really think the idea of another cat is a great idea!


  6. J

    get a cat should do the job.

  7. megan

    check 3 comments up!

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