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Shivering Shez

We’re leaving for Jozi on Saturday morning and I’ve started to feel a leetle nervous. It has been a while since I had any work on in front of a Jozi public. I am also very excited though; I think Shez Sharon is perfect for a Sandton crowd. I love the show and Nicole is really fabulous so it should be great. Still, there are one or two butterflies!

There are probably scarier places to be right now, like the president’s office. I am amazed how fickle SA’ns are. One minute everybody is criticising Mbeki; he’s this, he’s that, kak plan with Zimbabwe, AIDS denialist, unapproachable and blah blah blah. Next thing he’s ‘recalled’ (what a pathetic euphemism) and he was the guy; hard working, diplomat, honourable, blah blah blah.


A funny thing happened on the way to TheatreSports


Venom and other residual poison


  1. The Saint

    Go for it Shez Sharon !!!!! You will rock those Gauties.
    As for Mbeki, a clear case of be careful what you wish for [Mbeki out] as you might be granted it.

  2. megan

    Good to have you back on comments Saint!

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