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shoo whee

Exhausted. Back from Jozi and had what felt like 50 million emails and stuff to sort out. And hot. Yowzer.

I’m feeling the pressure. Our Grahamstown publicity stuff needs to be sent in next week. So much to do and to decide.

My corporate improv workshop went really well. I am amazed at how the principles of improv can be applied in a corporate and leadership environment. I love it.

I’m looking forward to the weekend even though I think I’m going to make it theatre free. Big Friendly will love me for that. Other than The Dog’s Bollocks he hasn’t had too much fun with me in the theatre. Still, we’ll keep on trying.


suddenly off again


howz this heat hey?

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  1. Big Friendly

    And I saw TS launch on Monday night at the Intimate Theatre!!! Which was great stuff. Felt a bit like revisiting an old friend with some interesting new quirks. It’s still the best bang for your buck in town, and no STD’s.

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