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Sick Survivor Stabbers

Oy, oy, oy, if tonight’s episode is anything to go by, Survivor Santa Carolina is going to be more hectic than I could have imagined. In summary; two big SIESes and one Gys de Villiers!!!!! for Survivor!

Who could have believed that one man could drop out of Survivor because of a rash by his penis? Jub Jub, it’s like karma for your name bro’. I was shocked. And disgusted. And embarrassed. Not because of the constant reference to Jub Jub’s penis and balls, but because the medic made such light work of his ‘infectious wounds’ that were nothing more than scratches! I mean, Christina leaving like that was one thing. But to dump your team in the shit when they were already two down! Hau bo! Sies! Nee man!

Gys was the obvious choice to be exiled to the stinky island. He survived, became strong, made jokes, was on his way to finding an immunity idol, came back and was welcomed into his depleted team. Gys for Survivor! And then, his little team went on to win immunity! It was so well deserved and a real morale boost.

But who would have thought that the witches of the other team would tactically vote out the builder of the shelter, tough chick, gorgeous, real Survivor contender Cindy Nel? Sies! Sandi Schultz, Ashley Hayden and ‘Lady’ Lea, sies. What kak style from you chicks. Now I’m not traditionally a fan of beauty queens, but Cindy Nel kicked butt, and it seemed very early to be voting off one of your strongest and not the weakest link. Sies.  It is obvious that Darren Maule doesn’t have a clue what is going on and with who, but I suppose he poses no real threat.

The show has jumped straight in to the bitching, back stabbing, snake-eyed creep stuff and I’m already hot under the collar. But I already know for sure who I don’t want to win. I’ll be following with interest. oh yes I will, slimy Survivor chicks!


Celeb Survivor Santa Carolina


Boring. Just like that.


  1. oh come on, meg, surely you know the story’s told in the editing! can you, for example, tell that cindy and i became and still are good friends? of course, contractually we can’t go into details, but know that what you get is not the whole story. but it gets people talking, which is the point, isn’t it?! 😉
    how fun to surf upon your blog. didn’t even know you had one, but i’ll add you to my reader. i wonder how many other ex uct drama-school students are in the blog-world.

  2. megan

    Haha, me thinks she doth protest too much! Of course I understand it’s all in the editing. Nonetheless, I actually had no idea what a tough and cool chick Cindy could be. Please take my blogging with the massive doses of sea salt it deserves. I think you were all nuts, and brave, and pretty heroic to go on Survivor anyway. Still, it’s going to be a while before I can forgive you nasty chicks of Chibula (or whatever it’s called).

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