Tis the season, and one of the things I’ve been doing is cooking. There is only one cake I like to make, so I make that one, there is a new Angel fish and lemony sauce I am committed to, and I have become a bit of a Pavlova queen. I found the perfect Pavlova recipe and it’s a winner every time. My secret is to blitz some of the fruit and vanilla syrup together for a sauce that makes it a bit more sticky and wet. The only thing with a Pavlova is, what to do with the damn egg yolks.

But we solved the problem. We made home made mayonnaise! I kid you not. I always thought that it was quite a challenging thing to do but actually, it’s pretty easy, and totally delicious. We have been eating the mayonnaise with globe artichokes, on poached eggs, and anything else that could or will go on bread.

So, the side effect of Pavlova, is mayonnaise. Who would have thunk?