James Cairns and Taryn Bennet in a script written by James. It is no secret that I am head over heels with James Cairns as a performer. I won’t miss anything he does. (Dirt is one of three shows at the festival that I would be prepared to see again.) I also think that Taryn is gorgeous. So it was a no-brainer that I would enjoy their performances but, I must confess, I was dubious about the subject matter.

A German SS officer interrogating an actress (who he had known previously) just before the Russians arrive. I have sort of done with this period in history, and I don’t really enjoy seeing English in German accents. But, this is an incredible idea, turned into an amazing piece of writing, twisting every possible moment on its head. Then there are the beautiful, original performances and connection between these two that make the work totally absorbing. But that’s not all. There are such layers, such surprizes, such thrilling observations. The two of them end up rehearsing the ‘get thee to a nunnery’ scene from Hamlet in the most exquisite, revealing and actor loving way. Genius. It was transporting.

I revelled in watching a ‘straight’ play, with real characters, real characterisation, real dialogue. I loved the reliance on old fashioned production values and the playing out of a great script. Sie Weiss Alles is great work performed brilliantly. See it.