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Simon does a G’town Taps

In the words of the song  – “the carnival is over”.   Grahamstown 2010 is done and dusted.

I have just read Megan’s last post about the guy she met in Jozi and it has moved me.   I realise just how isolated we have been in Grahamstown where the happenings in other parts of the country and the world have been put to one side while we revel in and celebrate the incredible talents that this country produces in the field of performing arts.     It is one of things I like about coming to Grahamstown.

Finished off by seeing Nic Ellenbogen’s “RAIDERS OF THE LAST AARDVARK”.   This is the 21st Raiders and I have seen them all.   Over the years luminaries such as Ellis Pearson, Andrew Buckland, Rob van Vuuren, Jodie Abrahams and a host of others have graced the Raiders’ stages as well as, of course, a cast of thousands drawn from audience members as Raiders is the original audience participation show.    Over the years the plot may have changed from year to year [and thickened] but the format stays the same.    Visual gags, verbal gags, clever sets and clever things done with the sets;  visual and verbal puns abound [mostly dreadful] but full house audiences love it and lap it up year after year – me too !!!    This year’s offering takes us back to year 1 with the first appearance of the famous yellow tiger moth, the “ AARDVARK”,  and Salty Hepburn, its pilot, played in year one by Nic and in year 21 by Luke Ellenbogen.     Roll on Raiders for the next 21.

Then by invitation to a Festival Organising Committee press conference for the announcement of the Standard Bank Golden and Silver Ovation awards.   These Awards “recognise and celebrate innovation and excellence on the Fringe programme of the National Arts Festival by putting the spotlight on cutting edge-work that is strong, diverse and original”.      “LONDON ROAD” won the Golden Award  for Theatre !!!!  Well done Robyn, Ntombi, Lara, Jonathan, Craig, Faheem and Braam – your creativity and passion makes “LONDON ROAD” what it is, and it is beautiful.   And let’s not forget Christine beavering away like mad telling the world to come and see the play and tell everyone else to do so.

Other winners of Golden Awards were “BUTCHER BROTHERS” for Physical Theatre, Guy Buttery for Music and David Newton for Comedy.

Final thoughts – I don’t think that the 15 day format worked that well and I think that going back next year to a 10 day Festival is a good thing.   Overall I thought the 2010 Festival was an improvement on the 2009 one with particular reference to the shows on offer – it was stronger and more vibrant.     It was more South African than previous years and was supported by a greater spread of South African’s than previous years.   I WILL BE BACK IN 2011.

Finally thanks to Megan for allowing me a guest spot on her blog  -  strength to your writing arm, girl.


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  1. megan

    Big bravo to London Road for its award!

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