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Simon’s Challenge

Simon has challenged to pay R2 for every R1 (up to a maximum of R50 000. I kid you not!)that Meganshead readers pay, to raise money for Natalie, the sick little girl I wrote about a few posts below. Meganshead readers, this is an extraordinary thing. PLease, make payments into the Circle of Love account whose details can be found on Natalie’s Circle of Love website. Then email me your proof of payments and I’ll forward them directly to Simon to match and double. How completely amazing is that?

Also, watch this space. We are going to be doing a massive TheatreSports performance to fundraise.


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  1. Mother of 2

    Hi Megs
    There was a payment made from the boys and I, the ref love me, Enzo & Kai, can they check or do i still need to send you the proof of payment

  2. megan

    Email me how much you paid and I’ll let Simon know.

  3. Aymeric Peguillan

    Hi Megan,
    we have made a 20’000 rands donation to Natalie’s circle of love, let me know how we can take it from there so you can let Simon know, to get you proff of payment (what is your email?)

  4. megan

    Dear Aymeric
    I am sitting here with Shirley and both of us are beyond words. I will get the message to Simon.

  5. Aymeric Peguillan

    Thanks a lot Megan, AP.

  6. Simon Cooper

    OK so comment 01 and comment 04 = R25000 so my money was sent off to the account this morning as pledged. Thanks and well done Mother of 2 and Aymeric Peguillan. Who takes up the baton now ?

  7. megan

    Hi Simon
    You have started a waterfall of help. Another dearest of mine has pledged what he can (R2000) and in two days meganshead readers have contributed a massive R77 000 towards Natalie’s Circle of Love. It is a fantastic start. You are held in my circle of love.

  8. Tania

    Hi Meg
    Made a payment last week ref was Natasha Hobbs. Will you send me a quick email and I can send amount, don’t have your address on this fancy schmancy toy. Xxx

  9. megan

    Tan, you are heroes. Human angels.

  10. victoria

    hi, simon you are truly amazing to be initiating the challenge.

    between four of us we donated R1800. i am not sure how to send proof of payments from eft’s already done, also where to send them?

    will do my best to get the info together from different people!

    many thanks,

  11. Simon Cooper

    HI Victoria
    Well done and thank you – you should send proof to megan but see comment 7 above. Amazingly the first 2 donations after the challenge fulfilled the terms of my challenge and I have paid my money in. Hope soeone esle takes up the baton.

  12. Well I know Simon’s challenge is over but lets just keep it flowing in for Natalie.
    Thank you Simon.

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