I dragged Big Friendly to Checkers in Sea Point today, shopping for especially kosher-ish things, since I am making a combined Passover/birthday meal for one of my oldest friends and his family on Monday night. I needed to get kosher wine, and did, loving the fact that it is called Sacramental Red!

We have decided that we are doing an interactive discourse of the ceremony. All the traditional bits and bobs will be there but we will be having a discussion about slavery; what it means to be enslaved, what it means to be a slave-master in all senses, literal, figurative, emotional, psychological. I think this is the best and most appropriate way to celebrate the meaning of the holiday rather than the shallow rituals that often go unexplained. It also helps that there is a big mix of those of us (even though we are only 6) who are purebreds, mixed, absorbed, and totally not born Jewish but with complete Jewish sympathy or leanings. (I find it fascinating being a reluctant born Jew with a husband who loves Jews and Jewishness.)

But what it does mean is that I’ll be cooking for the next two days. Kneidlach (I’m pretty good at them) and non-chicken soup (I am a pescetarian) , gefilte fish (it’s a first and I’ll let you know how it goes), charoset (a weird mix of nuts, apples, sweet wine, cinnamon, syrup) to signify cement and mortar (but I can’t remember why), boiled eggs, and pavlova (because I love making them). My friends will bring the meat course.

I’m liking the idea, more and more.