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Small Brown Friend

It hasn’t been a great day. I have been a bit laid low with stomach pains and have spent the day between bed, chair and couch. On one of my couch trips I put my hand in my back jeans pocket, felt something a bit ‘dried leafy’, and was about to take it out when it moved. In an alivish sort of way! I was off that couch in a flash, and I was squirmy. I was convinced that something had been in there, but there was nothing to see. Big Friendly thought I was having a Myprodol moment.

I kid you not, five minutes later one of those big, brown, winged cockroaches came scurrying across the floor. Then I screamed! Big Friendly had to cover it with a cup, slide a letter under it and take it outside. That damn thing had been in my pocket! I had grabbed it with my hand!

So this is obviously what had happened. I had left my jeans on the bathroom floor last night, after I showered, and the cats must have chased the cockroach into the bathroom, where it hid in my pocket.

I have learned my lesson. This time I put my jeans on the wash basket. Out of reach. I hope.


In Bed with Mac a Tiny


cat in bed


  1. I once woke up to find a cockroach ON MY FACE. On. My. Face.

    I offer you this moment of horror in sympathy, but also to make your hand feel less like a bio-hazard zone.

  2. megan

    Don’t get me started! I once walked around for a whole day with a Parktown prawn in the toe of my takkie!

  3. Ok, ok, *I* once walked into a dark room and stuck my hand out for the light switch, only to close it around one of those furry wolf spiders….

    (your turn)

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