It’s been a theatre free weekend, hanging with family from out of town, which has been great. We have walked dogs on the beach, driven around the peninsula, had more than one glass of wine, cooked and eaten beautiful food, and laughed and reminisced. Delicious.

Yesterday we (boet, cousin and I) went off to fetch my sister-in-law from the theatre where she had just finished a preview of Chess and I was totally shocked when all the young actors poured into the foyer bar after the show and brazenly lit up cigarette after cigarette. Now there are no smoking signs all over the theatre and it is also a very public space, which pissed me off totally, but what really freaked me out is that these are all young singers. They are in a musical. Granted, I am an ex-smoker of five and a half years now and I used to be an inconsiderate pig, but these beautiful voices and bodies should know better? Apparently not. I was forced to do the fake coughing thing, and nobody took the slightest notice of me. I went to stand outside and sulk; and was all on my own and shivering, as the rest of the warm world chatted and drank and stood around in a haze of smoke. Hau bo!