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Snoek Braai Cape Town Style

I heard the ‘Snoek horn’ blowing yesterday and I ran into the road, with others from our little street and I bought a whole Snoek off the back of a bakkie. Two ancient old fishermen sit in the cab, while two young guys ride on the back with the load of Snoek and one blows the little silver horn, letting the neighbourhood know that they have a catch.

I chose my fish, a ‘small’ one for R45, and it was gutted for me on a small piece of carpet on the back of the bakkie. Still with head and tail on, one of the ancient guys wrapped it in newspaper and I marched up the road with a whole fish in my arms.

I hacked off the tail and head and cut the thing in half, put half in the deepfreeze and the other in an apricot jam and lemony marinade.

For supper we had braaied Snoek and sweet potatoes. Big Friendly made the fire in our portable braai in our back courtyard, and as the sun went down we cooked on hot coals. Delicious. Big Friendly, the dogs, the cats and I were “maagies vol, ogies toe” and we cleaned up and went to bed. Lekker.




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  1. Tante B

    evocative —-“when the deep purple falls
    over sleepy garden walls …..(old favorite song)

  2. Pieter

    I would give my front teeth for a Snoekkop kerrie right now! We used to buy 2 large Snoeks for R10.00 (for two!) at Kalkbaai harbour. One snoek was for braaing, one for smoorsnoek. The two heads were made into the most delicious curry. Only the lips were cut off and the eyes removed, then the heads were added to a masala made with onions, garam, cardamom, star anise, ginger, garlic and a visciously spicy currypowder. Once cooked, the heads were removed and the flesh (surprisingly lots of it too!) flaked back into the broth. A dash of cream and served on Basmati – I so miss the cape!

  3. megan

    Wow. I am going to get me ‘n kop of twee and make this over the long weekend. No tomatoes in the sauce?

  4. jim

    where abouts what this? hout bay perhaps? snoek is such a uniquely cape town dish, or is it? – Your Ticket to Cape Town

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