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Some more Simon from the fest

Another quite light day today – started with a lekker chat over coffee with James Cairns, Taryn Bennett and Jenine Collocott and then moved on to see “HATS”.   Listed as a physical theatre piece in the programme [and yes can’t argue with that but it is not quite all encompassing enough] it is difficult to categorize.   A comic dance gymnastic ??   A gymnastic comic dance ???   I don’t know but hell it was fun.    Written and directed by Pieter Bosch Botha and featuring Richard Antrobus and Tristan Jacobs, the action takes place on, around and above an elevated bar [a bit like one of those bars the gymnasts use when competing] from which hang 2 swings and a number of straps from which one can hang and swing.   The bar is elevated by ladders at each end.     The action is fast and furious and comic.    There are 4 sketches, each telling a simple story.  The third is worth a special mention for the images created using I don’t know what but mysterious shapes and animals seem to float onto a darkened stage and glide across the performance area, dipping and diving around the performers.    The two performers are completely in sync, both one with the other and with what they are doing.   55 minutes whizzed by and the end of the show was greeted with loud and prolonged applause from a very healthy crowd.     Not my normal beat but glad I went.

Then “THE BUTCHER BROTHERS” directed by the awesome Sylvaine Strike assisted by Daniel Buckland and featuring Mongi Mthombeni and Jacques de Silvathe.     I commented at coffee that I had now had enough of masks and James Cairns then replied that if I saw “THE BUTCHER BROTHERS” I would see how masks can be used.    And he is right.    Very very good.    A story of two brothers who run a butchery – one finds a seemingly abandoned baby and they take it in and care for it.   When a kidnapper tries to take the baby away from them, things turn nasty and “Fried Green Tomato” like as the kidnapper is disposed of and turned into sausages.   And it gets worse from there.   So a dark tale ultimately but it contains humour and some trade mark imagery from the directors.    In my top 5 for the Festival.

A “LONDON ROAD” update – we have 3 performances to go and 103 seats left to sell [out of a 510 capacity for the 3 shows.    We will at least 8 and probably 9 sold out shows in a row.   Thank you Grahamstown !!!


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