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some thoughts on the interweb

I swear, if it wasn’t for Big Friendly I would be known as an interweb moegoe. I got some beautiful pics in the mail today of frozen cherry trees. They were supposed to be taken yesterday in Ceres, here in the Western Cape. I got excited without even thinking it through; I mean, cherries, on the 1 July, in Ceres! Moegoe me. Of course, I showed them to Big Friendly and in two minutes he found where the pics first appeared on digg two years ago!

Frozen cherry trees 3




Everything is Illuminated


  1. Alfred Rietmann

    I am the Cyberspace moegoe because I forwarded it to you without even thinking twice. It was THAT side of my brain going…oe…lovely cherries….aah ice droplets. I am sorry.

  2. megan

    Don’t be sorry. I got sent them twice, from two people on the same day!

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