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Something I wish I’d written

I got this as a personal email from a friend today and begged them to let me post it. It entirely encapsulates my own thoughts on this particular production. So, take the opinion as mine and the wording as their own particular genius.

“Ponder, if you dare, the horror notion of The Tempest with John Kani (doorknobishly talentless) as Caliban and SEAH Anthony Sher (me me me me me me me and I I I I I I egomaniac) as Prospero? Apparently, it looks like a sold out OMG oioioioi-MG. This production is a sure winner of the Mama Mia award for clammy, hammed up crock of shyte. The Yid and the Coconut… Mel Brooks, take over!   I give up.  Theatre belongs to hopeless dreamers and the brain-dead.  Deeply depressing.”

Classic hey?


peace now




  1. jo

    I hoped that I had it wrong: that perhaps it was Sir Ant as Caliban & John as Prospero: but no, it is as one thought it would be – another exercise in the obvious, dragging out yet again the dumbest possible reading of this play

  2. anon

    Why bash a play when you have not yet seen it? What makes Anthony a egomaniac? Do you know him personally? Although these words are not your own, you share the sentiments and it’s quite sad that you can share that quite openly with a community of South African actors/directors who love what he does and respect him profoundly.

    I happen to know Anthony rather well and he is a humble, down-to-earth, loving and kind spirit. I have worked with with over the last 6 weeks on The Tempest and find his treatment of everybody from the cleaners to his co-stars to be of the most respectful and sincere manner. He goes out of his way to ensure there is a sense of harmony around him.

    I’m very intrigued as to why you feel it is OK to attack someone perosnally when you do not know them? I know it gives your own ego a boost when you attempt to put yourself in a greater light. I don’t judge you for that, it is human nature. But I really would love for you to answer my question as to what interaction you have had with him to discern such a negative image of the man?

  3. megan

    I hear you, and I aknowledge what you are saying. I am relooking at this post and it does seem very harsh. Would you like me to take it down ANON? I am not trying to defend it, but I need to make it clear that we are not criticising the production so much as the casting, which does seem unbearably predictable.

  4. lionel

    Whatever you or Jo might think of Anthony Sher, his influence extends to the heart of the R.S.C. This has brought employment to about 40 of us here in Cape Town. This translates into 5 months of work, and a tour of England. It is a wonderful oppertunity for any performing artist, especially at a time when Shakespeare is often too expensive to be produced in our country. As for Anthony’s work, believe me, he knows how to play verse. And I can promise you there is nothing “wooden” about John Kani’s Caliban. Your negativity disappoints.

  5. megan

    Work for 40 actors does not a good production make. Nor does it bring audiences. Nor does it make sense to be putting it on at the exact time as the only regular Shakespeare production in Cape Town at Maynardville.

  6. anon

    whatever. this is a blog expressing someone’s opinion. an opinion on a show they haven’t even seen yet. hopefully they won’t go and bore themselves and others and their seats can be allocated to someone who is excited to see theatre and open to an experience of another shakespeare – a wonderful rarity too seldom enjoyed in cape town.

  7. anon

    ps – its practically sold out and the run in cape town was scheduled by the royal shakespeare company with regard to the run in england, not a small minded puppetmaster aiming to compete with another production – one would hope that people would instead recognise a greater support of classic theatre for both shows, rather than associating it with infantile rivalry.

  8. melony

    no more comments then? found more reviews?

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