I am up at the crack of dawn today. In a bit of anxiety. We have an opening of Songs of Hangings and Redemption next Tuesday (15 May) and I’ve started feeling nervous. I know that the show is fantastic (dark, weird, unsettling and fantastic) but there’s always that edge.

We are off to fetch sound equipment today from a very generous theatre somebody who has lent it to us for free. Honestly, without amazing favours like that it becomes virtually impossible to put on an independent show.
Will people come? How can I make them? Will the press run something in the papers? It’s only a two week run. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Details: Songs of Hangings and Redemption with Graham Weir, Pitchie Rommelaere, Simon “Fuzzy” Ratcliffe and directed by me at the Intimate Theatre, Orange St, Gardens, Tuesday 15 May to Sat 26 May @2030. Tickets cost R60 (2 for the price of one on Tues 22 May only). Call 0827344179 to book.