Yay! Big Friendly is back! I got stuck in bloody roadworks fetching him from the airport. What is it with Cape Town roadworks? They are always so badly planned, and so shockingly tolerated. It brings out the pig in every driver. I don’t get it. So Big Friendly is exhausted from jauling aound Africa (translated as four days in Nairobi). But then I found out why. Super fourteen has started. Now Big Friendly is a Shark supporter and hates the Stormers and I support Big Friendly…so…we’ve been on the couch watching Rugby. We’re in between games right now. Big Friendly is delighted. Sharks whupped Bulls. Now he’s getting ready to cheer for the Cheetahs and boo the Stormers…while I kiss my Saturday jolling goodbye…for a long season of legal violence with a ball….Oh, cricket! I love cricket!