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Spot the contradiction

So here’s a copy of my hello peter  complaint and MTN’s pathetic reply. Anyone else spot the contradiction in it?

I am now at the end of my tether. I phone and scream at someone on 808 every single week. I have not received an account from MTN in three months. When I call to find out how much I owe I am given the wrong amount. I am paying for itemised billing that I don’t receive. I have confirmed my postal address and email account at least ten times. Where is my bill? Why can nobody help me? Why do I get shoved from menu to menu? Why do your operators put my call straight back into the menu system?
Is there anybody out there?

Hello megmoan,
Our apologies for the delay in response.
I have requested the billing department to kindly address this matter with urgency.

So, he’s sorry for the delay in response but he has asked the billing dept to address this matter with urgency.


Official hate mail for MTN


Noah is coming


  1. Was ‘megmoan’ your chosen moniker or is MTN – GRANT being otherwise rude? (BTW: the great Robin Parker argued in the past that people who insist on writing IN CAPS suffer from Premature Punctuation. Go figure. 🙂

  2. megan

    Megmoan is my sign on for hello peter.

  3. Liz Dewing

    Curious…..Has anything happened since (urgently!!!!!) or are you still waiting?

  4. megan

    Oh if only! Not a peep. Am going to Vodacom on Saturday.

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