I went to the second showing of Sprawl at Artscape’s Arena this evening (the first one happened at 4pm) and I was so disappointed that there were so few people there. It was a staged reading of Juliet Jenkin‘s new piece. These staged readings are amazing. Actors and directors have a week to put something together and even though the actors still have scripts in their hands, you forget after two minutes.

I was pretty excited by the piece, which is a collection of fragments of story, observations, conversations, profound statements, silliness, nostalgia and whimsy. Juliet had a great and committed cast, my favourite being Julia Anastasopoulos. I was quite taken with the text and I am sure that it deserves a ‘full production’ status next year. I think that with a budget for interesting things on stage all sorts of magic and layering and complication could happen. I am just worried that there weren’t enough people to give the show the feedback it deserved.

Well, this is my two cents worth.