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Spring in Cape Town

It’s always hilarious how every single year, for Capetonians and visitors alike, there is the total lack of belief that, aside from a few precious days, it is still winter in Cape Town in September. Take today for example. It is pouring with rain here in Woodstock, and I am still cold in a sweatshirt and jersey. In Jozi it is 30 degrees. It is summer. I am worried that we in Cape Town have not had a wet enough winter, until I remember that winter is far from over. And before summer sets in we have the wind to look forward to! So we only really get to enjoy summer in around February. I’m settling in for the long wait.


Shattering Blackbird



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  1. Beilla Gans

    So, you’ve actually got just two seasons. Last winter and this winter. ( I heard a Canadian describe his part of Canada like that) Tante B

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