On Friday morning at the crack of dawn we (a small TheatreSports team) drove to Plett for a performance. I drove the cricket car, listening to the commentary all the  way. And there were some absolute gems, I tell you. Radio commentary is a whole new ball game (‘scuse the pun), with anecdotes about Sea Gulls being bowled to death in mid air, long discussions about some Aussie horse and cart races (I kid you not!) and my new favourite word, Bowlology! Yes! And that’s not me getting a Kiwi accent wrong. Bowlology!

It was an exciting drive there but a really tense one on the way back. Luckily, because of the rain delay, we were able to listen to commentary right up to the last ball of the day, the timing was perfect.

By yesterday morning I was already safely at home and in front of the box (thank Big  Friendly for DSTV). We were up really early and watched the (soon to be renamed by me) Poepteas take victory. What a delightful result! I was nervous as we went into this series with Oz. I didn’t think that warm up series with Kenya and Bangladesh were great prep by the Poepteas. Oz, on the other hand, played India and New Zealand. Anyway, the result was fantastic, with records broken and new stats flying around all over the place. Delicious. I am counting the days to Boxing Day.