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Stunning Shez!

Last night was fantastic. We had an almost full house and Nicole was absolutely delightful. I think everyone loved the show; we got lots of lovely feedback and people were very moved by it.

I have loved being in Jozi and loved being at the Old Mutual Theatre on The Square. Daphne Khun  and her team are the sweetest peas. Nicole and I have been treated like stars. We even got our own chocolate Oscars last night.

I hope the show does well. It’s tough for anything that isn’t a musical these days. Tell your friends to check it out.


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  1. Beilla Gans

    Fabulous – Fabulous – from strenght to strength – Tante B

  2. Oh, well done, guys. I hope JHB will flock to see this gem of a production.

  3. The Saint

    Go Sharon

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