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So Carl Niehaus faked his whole CV, has no education or degrees, does not serve on any boards, real or chaaf chaaf, and managed to con a travel agent into…wait for it…giving him a free holiday in Mauritius so that he could recover from chemo he didn’t have for cancer he didn’t have.

And yet, there was a travel agent stupid enough to be conned by this. Enough to give him a free holiday!

On Tuesday The Star reported that Cheryl Clur, owner of the Let’s Travel travel agency in East London, said that Niehaus had defrauded her by convincing her to organise him a free holiday in Mauritius.

He told her he had leukaemia and that he needed to recover after receiving chemotherapy. She lost R90 000.

That’s what it said on News24 today. And I can’t believe my muddy browns. Where did she ‘lose’ that money? I’ve got a few ideas, but I don’t think she would find it without some kind of probe!


It really is starting, and man, oh, man


Was anyone else watching last night?

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  1. Margie

    Crazy stuff, just getting crazier. I was also wondering about this travel agent and how dof one could be at any one time in one’s life. But then, I have been thinking about fame and the famous, people’s reactions to schlebs, critics’ reactions to schlebs a lot lately.

    Seems to me (huge generalisation and all of that) but the whole celeb culture is just an excuse for being REALLY lazy from all sides of the equation. What;s up: because he is CARL NIEHAUS you just sort of provide the free holiday until he can pay you whenever? I don’t get it…. and there we are living honest hard working lives…. Maybe we are the stupid ones.

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