I’m not sure I survived this celebrity incarnation of Survivor SA. In fact I was away when my fave, Gys, won a car!! and was voted out, and I confess, I have lost interest ever since, although I did watch last night. I am no longer invested in a winner, which makes the debate of the game so much more interesting all of a sudden.

And what a truly nasty game it actually is. This time it is made worse, and even more complicated by the fact that the contestants have been fighting it out half for themselves and half for charity.

One of the most noticeable things has been the difference in game playing by the men and women. Ashleigh encapsulates a very female game plan; strategy, cunning, deception, and fickleness. Although, it must be pointed out that she won 5 challenges in a row, giving her immunity. That must have taken unbelievable strength and will. The guys all fell down by following a fuzzy belief in hard work, goodwill, food fetching and loyalty, and then they couldn’t understand how it all collapsed for them.

What is interesting for me is how the jury of voted out tribe members couldn’t resist feeling hurt and betrayed by those they would have been forced to do the same to. It’s complicated. And again, a lot is in the editing, for sure. From the beginning Ashleigh looked like the mastermind, but none of the contestants seemed to see it.

Last night’s final session at the last tribal council was really squirmy. Kaz seemed to think it was Ashleigh’s duty to take him with her. Louw was properly hurt and angry, little Sade was woes, and they all took such moral high ground; in a game that is designed to make the winner a skilled manipulator. (Though I loved Gys, who told the world that there was nothing slutty about being an exotic dancer.)

I guess what really put me off last night was Ashleigh’s heartfelt speech at the end about how she had done this for her charity. Ja, only half goes to charity sister. The other half a mil goes to the winner. All the contestants had worthy charities, even that excuse for a celeb, Christina Storm!

I have mixed feelings about who should win. Ashleigh certainly played the game, but it won her no friends or fans. At the end of the day, even though the game really, really sucks, I vote for a bit of humanity, kindness, caring, loyalty. Does that make the winner the un-slutty exotic dancer Gigi?