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Susan Boyle; can I say "I told you so!"?

Poor, poor Susan Boyle. She lost Britain’s Got Talent. Now, where did I write that she would? Oh, right here on meganshead! In the run up to the final poor Susan did everything wrong. She got new clothes, plucked her eyebrow into two and developed a bit of an attitude (she told a couple of harassing journos to piss off). This apparently ‘turned the public against her’. That’s not what they wanted to see. They didn’t want to see someone making an effort to up her game. They wanted to see the same ugly, gawky, funny dressed, sad old spinster on stage. They wanted to be surprised all over again. But they couldn’t, could they? They already knew she could sing. And that wasn’t enough, was it?

I feel so sorry for her now. She has literally been the sacrificial lamb of  a ‘reality TV’ show and its producers who don’t care if she lives or dies or has a breakdown because of what happened to her. I knew they were going to have to change the Paul Potts formula, I just didn’t know when they would do it. Heartbreakingly, they dragged it out until the very last moment; upping the ratings and doing the absolute maximum damage to this ill prepared woman. Pigs.


Opel, corsa not.


Winter flu


  1. The Saint

    Sky News reported that she was likely to earn up to $80m in next few years. Shame.

  2. megan

    other news reports that after her breakdown she won’t work again!

  3. Beilla Gans (Tante B)

    Susan Boyle said “she enjoyed every minute of it” . Not withstanding that she did not come in first, that lady sure has talent.

    Exploitation is not always a dirty word. In my view one has a duty to exploit one”s “talents”. Very often one needs a little help.

    In chemistry that little helper is called a “catalyst”. It causes a reaction without changing itself . In fact it is sometimes called a positive promoter or negative promotor . ( I hope I’m right in my explanation)

    In Boyle’s case, the talent show was a positive catalyst. Win win for all concerned.

    And so says talentless Tante B.

  4. megan

    Please read this amazing, sad, well written article

  5. Yes, I do feel sorry for Susan Boyle — because she did not deserve the schlocky soap opera she received. On the other hand, I’m a cynical old fart, and I remember how my grandma warned me that when one sleeps with dogs, one shouldn’t complain about the fleas.

    The way I see it is that everything (to mis-quote Gary Oldman: “I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!”) was pre-orchestrated by the oiled spin-machine behind the event and (I’m sure) behind Boyle’s back.

    Susan Boyle has been an innocent victim, but her fame, her voice and – especially, grudge voting by her ‘angry fans’, are likely to keep her ego, and her purse, overflowing for a long time to come, fleas and all.

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