I bet this happens to everybody at some point or another; BIG spring clean, sort out, throw away and tidy up. Last week Big Friendly and I started by selling some furniture on my new most favourite site gum tree. We got rid of a dresser, a sleeper couch and two bookshelves and our space is opening up and becoming a bit more free. Today was tidy up time for me. I had a mountain of paper, books, receipts, copies of IDs, hair bands, asthma pumps, dirty glasses etc around my lappy which has been living on the dining room table. That stuff is more or less completely gone. Big Friendly has been turning our spare room into a proper office for us. Yay! And as we’ve moved stuff we have had to dust and clean, the five day South Easter left black and red dust an inch thick all over everything. So we picked today, the hottest and most muggy day to do it! We are sweating like stuck pigs and rank as garbage trucks. Even the cats and dogs are virtually immobile.

DSC00166 What invariably happens when doing a major clean up is that you find something that triggers a response. It doesn’t have to be a missing thing but something you haven’t looked at for a while. I rediscovered a simple pencil drawing I did of the black dog in 2001. I stuck it more firmly in its frame and I’m now looking for somewhere special to put it. It was one of the first things I drew after many years of not drawing. And I really like it. It’s very nice to see things differently.