I can’t help myself. I am barely awake, lying in bed, with Bayla the dog who hates both fireworks and thunder, and it’s raining, hard and thunderously. I could think of no better way to start a new year’s day. Ok, it would be great if Bayla loved the rain, after her ten minutes of hell last night, on the stroke of midnight. But seriously, all our neighbourhood could manage were a few weak vuvuzela toots and a couple of whizz bangs. Really not too bad at all.

I am in a relatively good mood for a few reasons. Last night’s final show of Good Will Acting was delicious and hilarious and well received and almost full! I got home safely, before midnight and said Happy Happy to a sleepy Big Friendly. New Years Day is on a Saturday which feels like we don’t lose a day to the silliness, I do not have a hangover (although a few more hours of shut-eye  would have been nice) and the week long howling South Easter is gone (to be replaced by rain, I know, but I like rain).

So, bring it on, gently, without fireworks, without excuses and terms and conditions. Just, bring it on. Also, how cool is this? This January is the fourth anniversary of meganshead. I am a little bit proud. Thanks Big Friendly.