I’m taking part in PANSA’s 48hr play festival showcase this weekend. How a 48hr festival works is that writers get a cast description and a something (like a newspaper or piece of music) to include in their play. They go away and come back 24 hours later with a 10 minute play, which is handed over to a director and the cast. They have 24 hours to put the play together. Costumes, set, music, lights, words, you name it; all in 24 hours. Then, the plays are performed in front of a live audience.

For two years now PANSA has held this crazy form of theatre and dance as a competition, with the best writer, director, actor, choreographer and dancer chosen by judges, but this time around it is just a showcase, which is pretty cool. We (the directors) meet the writers tomorrow at 12 for a chat. Then, at 1800 we get the scripts and cast. The performances take place on Sunday at 1800 at Theatre in the District in Woodstock. It is great fun. Bite size theatre, made under pressure. Come and check it out. Call PANSA for tickets and details. Actually, I’ve just checked on their website, and there’s nothing about the festival! Sies. So maybe give them a call. 021 448 3513.