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The Drunk Elephant in the Room

I would love to hear a proper debate about alcohol and its ban during lockdown. I would love to hear how alcohol is the sharpest and clearest tool for understanding class and race in South Africa.

Alcohol and its production cannot be separated out from oppressive Apartheid history. Alcohol is one of the most prominent features of financial slavery, and difference of its use and abuse in different classes of society reflects the story.

The dop system, still in operation on many wine farms, has been explored in all its horror, but what isn’t always in discussion is how alcohol has made slaves of the poor and disenfranchised all over the country.

When the middle class complain on social media of running out of gin and red wine this is an entirely different scenario from the ones played out in our poor communities.

Alcohol is a legal but powerful drug. Its abuse in South Africa is a pandemic of its own. Because it is legal the bullshit about it being able to be used responsibly by consumers is peddled (albeit weakly) in tiny fine print in its ads that show a glamorous and false lifestyle, unattainable to most. The reality is that alcohol is a poison that increases aggression which destroys families and is a contributing factor in GBV and even murder.

Alcohol is big business, huge business at the expense of the poor. And it is slavery.

And during lockdown I have been so pissed off by the complete bullshit of SAB adverts about unity on Twitter. Sies and tsek.

Fortune Cookie and first resolutions

There is nothing more fantastic than performing a show as soon as the year starts. It’s like those first days of total commitment to your New Year’s resolutions. I know it’s silly, but it colours how you think your year will turn out, and especially with improv, this means positive, creative team work and fun. I am also kicking my year off with a tiny bit of work (if you can call such fun work) before going on holiday. How lucky am I? So we had our first show last night (terrific and fabulous) and we have another tonight and tomorrow night (Alexander Bar, 8pm) if you wanna.

I have also hitchhiked onto an idea that Big Friendly suggested, which is to try 30 days of new habits instead of hard core resolutions, and my first one is to not drink alcohol for at least 30 days. I am on day five today. Honestly, nothing much has changed (I am suffering from a sinus thing that feels just like a hangover, to be honest) except for how easy it is not to drink. That’s it. I really don’t see the problem. So, I won’t drink for 30 days and then I’ll see how I like it. I know for sure I’ll have a little extra cash in my pocket, and I’ll probably be able to lose a few extra inches. Those are the benefits. Let’s see how I go.

Five days in, and aside from Penny Sparrow and the other hideous racists, I am having a good one so far.


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