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Finally joining the Dalai Lama Visa issue circus

I really, really, really wanted this one to happen without me writing a post. I have signed the petitions, joined the facebook groups, Avaaz, Care 2, you name it. I share the sentiment of every shocked and concerned liberal with enough education to revere the Dalai Lama. So there’s nothing new there. But hau bo! ANC, nou maak jy my bietjie heeltemal mal!

Poor ole Barbara Hogan, inheritor of the biggest mess of a portfolio from Manto ‘Meshuga’ Msimang, who is actually getting down and doing a good job, has been shooshed and will probably find life a little more difficult because she didn’t toe the party line about the Dalai Lama not being granted a visa. Shame. It’s kak to have an opinion and then express it hey Barbs? Seems you forgot that the ANC has only one way of thinking and everyone in the party agrees. Eish.

Bob Maniac Mugabe pops in and out of SA like a weasel, crooks buy luxury beachfront houses to hide in and spend their loot, despots, crackpots, and the politically cooked are all entertained in the Tuinhuis. But the Dalai Lama can’t come because he will detract from the 2010 soccer world cup. I can’t even think of one more clever thing to say. I am totally floored.


It has to be said. Lekota gave an impressive multi-lingual speech, saying all the right things, on Dec 16. He has made Obamaesque promises about commitment and hard work and what will be good for the country. All good stuff.

What is niggling me though is Alan Boesak having an important position. Now, I know he has done his time, but I still find it hard to hear him go on and on about the lack of morality of the ANC, and his preaching about COPE being the new moral voice. It just doesn’t sit lekker with me. I took Alan Boesak’s fraud conviction very badly. In the eighties when I was a UCT student and the country was in the worst and most frightening turmoil, the reverend Alan Boesak was my hero. He spoke, he motivated, he mobilised us. Years later he was convicted of fraud. He was found guilty of misusing funds given to an organisation established to help children! Hau bo. No, not lekker at all. Maybe if he at least spoke about it, it would be a bit better. But he has said nothing. Not even sorry.

I do believe that COPE needs to be very clear about who hops on board. The party shouldn’t be a reservoir for every failed ANC member.

Zoom Zoom Zuma

I am a fortune teller. A prophet. It was here, on meganshead a few posts ago, that I said that the ANC were sounding just like the old National Party government. And then today on IOL, "We need to teach our people to fear God," ANC president Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday, and he suggested the way to do so would be by making children pray before school – "as it was in the past". Is this guy seriously cooked? Is he goofed from inhaling mphepho? Like I said before, I don’t want to listen to Mr I took A Shower talk about morality. Panzi!

Where did he come from again?

It’s like a bad dream. Carl Niehaus is back and he is spokesman for the ANC, which means he is all over the radio and TV like a bad rash. He had disappeared for a few years, for Mbeki‘s term in fact; apparently Mbeki‘s bunch gave him the cold shoulder but now that they’ve gone he’s back in the spotlight. I caught a bit of him on 567 the other day and immediately my blood started curdling. He was spouting forth about how the critics of Mr I took a Shower still bring up the rape charge that Shower Man was acquitted on. And I was driving at the time or else I would have phoned in to tell him that critics were not calling him a rapist, but an irresponsible, risky kind of non role-model, who had unprotected sex with a young HIV positive woman who is not one of his four wives and then took a shower. That’s why he is hard to listen to when he goes on about teenage pregnancies. Actually, come to think of it, if you have four wives does that mean extra-marital sex is allowed and acceptable behaviour? Oh, it’s just too bizarre to think about and I don’t want this guy talking to me about morals.

Today Carl was on e news when I got in from rehearsals (although I’m only posting this now, this morning), moaning about how COPE would be taken to court to be stopped from using that name because the Congress of the People is part of the ANC calendar and because ANC voters might get confused with COPE being something to do with the ANC. Interestingly, John Maytham was talking about exactly that to a blah blah blah lawyer who was explaining how unlikely it is that the ANC will stop Shikota from using the name COPE when a caller phoned in to say he would be most insulted as an ANC member that Carl Niehaus thinks he is that stupid that he could possibly confuse the two. It was very funny.

Having Carl Niehaus as a spokesman for the ANC is not doing them any favours. Just like calling those who have left the ANC to join other parties names is not making them very attractive. But what is interesting and rather telling about it all is that it gives me such a clear idea of what the ANC has become.

I am excited for next year’s elections. I think a brand new circus has come to town.

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