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Thoughts on going into this year

I know I want to reinvent this blog. It is a kind of new year’s resolution without the fanatical resolve. I am already in the not fanatical stage. Maybe it’s because meganshead is 11 years old this month. That’s long for a blog I think.


What do we want to share in a blog? It has to be something longer than a Facebum status update, or a new, double length tweet. It has to be something that readers will come here for. Especially. Deliberately. On purpose.

Do people still read blogposts? I do, but very rarely. I usually get directed there by an announcement on social media.

I have decided that today I won’t announce this on social media and then see whether anyone swings by to look at it.

Please leave comments with thoughts. Love ya, mean it, bye.

The unsubtle Art of Derailing

I don’t mind a bit of trolling or name calling here, on my blog. It goes with the territory, and it means that my words are reaching an audience who don’t just agree with everything I say and think and write. I am happy for the traction and discussion and, at times, even happy for the feeling of support when others come to my defence.

What I absolutely hate, and it is a huge thing on social media, is when people highjack a post or thread or even post comments on my blog posts that totally derail the conversation.

A case in point has been my last two posts about the fires in Knysna. Most people have shared and commented and been active in the discussion. There have been those that disagreed and who took umbrage at me ‘making it about race’. Those people have been easy to engage with, even when I have been a bit harsh.

The derailers are people who go off on a complete tangent, dragging you into an invisible part of the conversation, insist that you do, or don’t do, something, call you names and accuse you of shopping at Pick ‘n Pay. Out of the blue. And I spend time with these people. I try to explain. I get all hot under the collar and my spelling and grammar go unchecked.

The worst part of this is that I am guilty of it too. Facebum and Twitter never show my ‘audience of friends and followers’ my actual mood when I do, say and write things. I have just pissed someone off so badly they told me to ‘get a life’, because I derailed their good news parking story. I pissed them off so badly they unfriended me. I am sorry. They are right. And so am I.

So, this blog post is a moan in session of its own navel gazing bullshit. And it is also an apology to Craig Freimond.

Like a Friendship

12108727_10153223922241008_7465013988944086042_nComing back here after a long absence is like picking up the phone to call a close friend after weeks of busy stuff has gotten in the way. I have missed being here, and I miss the particular headspace of writing my thoughts out and then sending them into the very public ethers.

I think what happens is that sometimes there is a natural flow between the kinds of writing I am doing and my blog, and sometimes there is a complete disconnect when I am engrossed in a particular writing project (like finishing my screenplay for example, yes, yes I finished a screenplay, and I am very excited). Mostly the writing on my blog reflects where I am in my other writing, and right now I am in a writing hiatus. I have three very strong ideas and only one committed to index cards. I am going to have to ramp it up a notch and start doing the words of it very, very soon.

So I distract myself with everything else that is not actual writing. Yes, there is other stuff, like directing the brand new (and very funny) Violet Online Rebooted (Love Me Tinder) which opens on 18 April, and working with some gorgeous AFDA honours students on a show.

I am in that interesting, illusive, in between world that is before committing and still dreaming and terribly frustrating, where brilliant ideas come to me while I am driving, or sleeping, or feeding the dogs, and they aren’t put down or remembered. Sometimes only the feeling of the idea remains, without anything to attach it to, and sometimes a character appears, fully formed, with absolutely nothing to do.

And I can do really, is wait. But I have decided to keep in practice here.

Hacking Loss

I have no idea what happened, and my main man Big friendly, who usually just ‘fixes’ everything when things go wrong, can’t this time.

Yesterday, when I tried to access megan’s head, the whole site was gone. I immediately thought that I had done something stupid, but when I came home from teaching last night the site was back, minus my last three or four posts. These include my thoughts on The Line, my recent trip to Jozi and my review of Champ. Poof. Gone.

What has surprised me the most is how sad I am. I really feel a huge loss. I am so attached to this space, to what I write here, and how I write it. I have lost bits and pieces before; like losing a post while writing it, but never a whole chunk of my personal writing history. It also frames how dependent I am on the internet and technology, and how blindly trusting I am of it. I always remember how ‘nothing is ever lost’ on the interwebz, and now my posts are gone forever.

And I also feel like I am letting my readership down. So dear megan’s head followers, I am sorry. Just so you know, I was absolutely undone by The Line, and I thought Champ was very hilarious.

Blog blog

It’s so weird; if I haven’t written for more than a day or two I get pangs of guilt. They are funny pangs; directionless, vague, unsettling and even a bit irritating. And they build up, each day that goes by. I woke up this morning needing to break the cycle and the only thing on my mind is Good Will Acting.

I suppose it’s always like that with work that one has created one’s own very self. That, and the fact that our first real week of performance started last night and bookings are heartbreakingly slow. I know that there are all sorts of reasons why; school hasn’t come out yet and people are still crazy at work with end of year functions, blah blah blah, so we’ve put together first week packages of two for ones, and by the end of yesterday’s working day we had 24 bookings last night. (Huge sigh of relief).

The audience was made up of beautiful, loyal and supportive friends, total strangers, and Nicholas’s mother. It is so important to me that my friends (especially my theatre friends) like my work, and they absolutely did! Yeeha for that! And then there is Nicholas’s mother. She is what is known in laughter yoga circles as a laughter blaster. This means that someone’s laugh sets everyone else off, and she does. She guffaws. And she did so last night! It must be said that Nicholas and Edward came to the opening on Saturday and then again last night with their parents, because they thought the show was funny! And Sebastian, who is about ten gave it an 81/2 out of ten. I sat in the lighting box and giggled to the sounds of my friends cackling and bleating with laughter!

The hard slog of building an audience is far from over. Please try and make it if you are around. It really is such a beautiful space, in a beautiful place; Kalk Bay is magnificent right now.


So Big Friendly sent me a link to a blog thinking I’d be interested in his take on writing theatre reviews. His take was okayish. Here’s what he thinks about it. I agree with bits, but basically I think it’s a bit wishy washy. I don’t think his writing would propel me to the theatre, or keep me away.

From that post I went to his home page. Bad idea. There is that awful spelling mistake in his post title, which made me go all hysterical. I mean, it’s a spelling mistake and an apostrophe omission in the same word, ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’. I should have known, and read no further. But in the third line of the post, the judges where happy. I kid you not. Now I know there are lots of people who can’t do ‘where’ and ‘were’, but they ask. It’s not okay for a blogger, who is writing about important stuff like theatre to get that one wrong.

I need to make it clear that I’m not being a priss and that I understand the informality of blogging styles. I know that bloggers make typos and use quirky language and slang. But where and were, and your and you’re. Hai bo. No.

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