I was amongst much laughter last night at the opening of Body Language, Gaëtan Schmid’s new solo piece, at The Kalk Bay Theatre. I have to confess to being exhausted, but that didn’t stop me from giggling, chuckling, snorting and even guffawing at this crazy guy, his weird ideas and fabulous energy.

In this piece Gaëtan returns to his crazy professor person from Dog’s Bollocks to slip, slide, stumble, collapse, ramble and even sprint through the history, biology, sociology, anthropology, humorology of body language. It is informative, hilarious, rude, delightful, entertaining and completely silly, and I loved it.

Gaëtan is so charming he could be reading the telephone book. I love his quirks and foibles, funny Belgian accent, great physicality. I love that he calls it a lec-churn in stead of a lectern. I love that he puts an audible P in psychology. The content of the show is a jumble of truths, half-truths, made up stuff, and stuff we recognise about ourselves and others. It’s full of handshakes, facial expressions, funny walk and big balls.

Gaëtan standing with a perfectly visualised mimed square-handled queen’s handbag will live on in my funny memory forever.