It is so hard to explain my broken heart, with the one piece torn every time I think about the tiny audiences who decide to witness our amazing work in Song And Dance, where drumming up an audience has been harder than removing each hair off our bodies with nail bitten fingers one at a time. The other piece of heart is healthy and pumping, full of pride and joy, after opening our industrial theatre project to a delighted audience of 350 odd petrol pump attendants and cashiers. Yes, this audience was bussed in, and yes, they didn’t pay, and yes, there was a big, corporate budget for the whole snazzy roadshow, but I swear, it couldn’t be clearer to me that people do not want to PAY for theatre or make the effort to go. Or is it just the theatre that I make? Am I making theatre that people don’t want to see? Please, let me know. This piece of heart needs to be given a chance to die an honest death or to heal and call it a day.