I just had a deep, physical reaction to another article about the burkini ban in France. It felt like a heartburn eruption in my middle and exploding out of my face. I keep checking to see if it is real. France has actually, really, truly, officially banned the burkini. ┬áThis is totally insane. It is insane and childish and illogical and mental and mad. It is not a joke. Women are being FINED for wearing burkinis. Women are being asked to take them off. Men are paying women’s fines in court.

People in France find the burkini offensive. People in France think that women should be forced to not wear  burkinis. My brain cannot even start to compute. And not only is it offensive to French authorities (and other paranoid, racist, Islamophobes) that some women should cover up in this way, it is now also illegal.

My brain hurts too much to even try and take this thought further. What in the name of actual fuckery are they busy doing?

Edit: It is a man’s war, fought with a hidden enemy, on women’s bodies.