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Official improvention Day 1

With a certain amount of nerves (we had performed with some stellar improvisers the night before) Candice, Tandi and I went off to take our first 3 hour long workshop of the festival yesterday morning. It was pretty cool, very cool actually; with a variety of level of improvisers in the group of 20. And feedback on the ground was really good.

Then we went to attend our first workshops. Candice did an improv for film one and Tandi and I were delighted by Jill Bernard and her Small Cute Improv workshop. Improv is all about energy, and that’s what Jill is. She reminded us all about why we love improve, and how the traps of cynicism and criticism are pointless when you are just making stuff up. So good for me, in particular, to remember.

And then we were witness to a treat. Fat City; Melbourne’s long running, serial Film Noir improvisation show. Honestly, I haven’t been that taken up, and jealous and excited and moved in an absolute age. These awesome performers play the same characters and constantly develop the relationships between them. I fell in love; with the idea, the format, the characters, the players, the content and even the curtains, who, it was pointed out, got tired, in a scene that went on a bit too long.

This morning we are going to the opening address, then running our second workshop, then going to an improv jam this evening. I am beside myself with the idea that we are part of this tribe of improvisers, doing only this for a whole week. And then, our new friends are ready to show us the Oz world of improv in Melbourne and Sydney. We are in improv heaven.

Send CT to Canberra – A TheatreSports FUNdraiser

Save The Date


Send Cape Town to Canberra – A TheatreSports FUNdraiser

What is it? you say

An amazing one and a half hour long improv performance with long and short games, music, a mystery celebrity guest player and guaranteed improv craziness

But! Where will it be?

Artscape’s huge Drama Theatre

And when? you ask

May 23 at 2015

How much? you enquire, with raised eyebrow

R120 a ticket

And how do we get one of those tickets?

You book at Computicket, from the 1st of May.

Who will do it?

The best, sexiest and most fabulous TheatreSports team of improvisers


Megan Furniss, Tandi Buchan and Candice D’Arcy, veteran TheatreSports players and improv experts, are flying across a very big piece of sea to Canberra, Australia, host of an international improvisation explosion in July. The three will be facilitating workshops, attending workshops, watching and playing in improv shows and meeting the cream of improvisers from around the globe. And when they get back they will be exploding with everything they saw, heard and did. But they need the help of those who love what they do. Flying across that sea is violently, terribly expensive! So this special, amazing, once-off FUNdraiser is being held to gather a pocketful of funds to make it all possible. And they guarantee that it will be an awesome evening of the best improv entertainment ever. And that’s why you need to save the date, and then come.

Making way for the big, beautiful stuff

When I realised what was going down with my application for Grahamstown this year I was really angry, hurt and frustrated. To be honest, I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I was in a bad dream and I kept hoping (inwardly) that I had got it wrong and that it would turn out right in the end. And that is exactly what has happened for me.

It turns out I am going to NYC in June for work; I have been working on a very amazing business for the last six or so years called Great Guide and I am going to NYC to do research for the City Sightseeing Bus there. It gets better. One of my besties and most favourite travel partner Jaci de Villiers is coming with because we will be designing, planning and writing the content together. I wake up in the middle of the night with a ball of excitement in my gut.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tandi Buchan, Candice D’Arcy and I are representing SA improv and will be travelling to Canberra Oz to participate in a massive improv festival for the first week of July, at the exact time of the Grahamstown festival. I will be spending the rest of the month in Oz, checking out the improv and theatre scene, hanging with friends and family, and hooking up with another bestie Robyn at her house in the hills of Oz. Can you believe it? I am beyond myself with excitement.

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