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Adverse tising

I love a cheeky ad campaign. I love Nando’s advertising because it’s hilarious, even though I am very opposed to the eating of chicken. I love the ad for HIV treatment that goes in reverse. I still snigger at the Savanna ads. And then, there are the ads and campaigns that are real bombs. Cell C’s latest with Trevor Noah is one of my pet hates; dof, patronising and negative. Ads that try and sell lifestyle are also a no no, as well as ads that are prophecies of doom, like life insurance and hospital plans.

Today I had to go to Kanala Walk to get a spare set of chairs for my industrial theatre job and I was disgusted by an American Swiss billboard alongside the highway. It read, The recession is so last year. Please can somebody explain how that is going to induce people to spend money on jewellery? How thoughtless. How totally inappropriate and off the mark for their target market. I seriously hope that this trend towards negative, put down, bitchy adverts backfires and they go back to the feel good, funny and positive.

Not C’ing

Every now and then I am struck by total advertising failure. Cell C’s new campaign with Trevor Noah is one of them. I didn’t understand the first one in the series, when he was doing the Cell C shake up, following people into the toilet, talking kak about the new logo and basically being a weird, like, guy in a suit. Now he is asking the main Cell C guy weird questions and asking how he ‘likes his coffee’ nudge, nudge, wink, wink. WTF? What’s that got to do with anything? But the biggest mistake for me is that the series is in that negative, try and catch the guy out vein. There is nothing less successful in an ad campaign than misplaced negativity. It makes everyone feel shit. And I can’t see how that sells the product.

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