I seem always to complain about bad service, but here is a short praise post about Cellini Luggage and Luggage Warehouse who have behaved magnificently. I was so proud when I bought my red, ladybird Cellini suitcase for my months of travel. I packed it full (as I was instructed to do) and flew off to New York. Everything was fantastic. I felt like a travel queen. And then, on my return trip something happened after checking in again in Jozi. By the time my suitcase came around the carousel in Cape Town the zip had been completely mangled and the case was spilling open. I was devastated. Firstly, I had never spent that kind of money on a suitcase before, and secondly, I am only back home for a week before jetting off to Oz for a whole month and I need a case. I had my heart in my mouth when I took the case back to Luggage Warehouse in Access Park yesterday. They promised to get hold of the Cellini rep but were worried that it wouldn’t happen before Monday, and I felt that that was too close to the day of my next departure; Wednesday! And then at about 1.30pm I got the most relieving phone call from Luggage Warehouse. Cellini had offered to change the suitcase out. So I’ll pop off there this morning and pick up my new suitcase. I think this time I will also buy a thing I had never heard about until yesterday; a suitcase sleeve. Hmm. Anyway, Cellini, I completely love how you do business and how you protect your reputation. That is what quality is all about. Bravo. I am now totally brand loyal, after never having known a luggage brand in my life.