I lucked out big time with my first show here at the fest. I went to see the 10am showing of Door, directed by Jori Snell (I am a huge fan!) with Ubom! It’s bloody freezing and wet, and seriously early for theatre, but I was transported, delighted, entertained and thrilled with this gem of a show.

Four weird wooden doors are moved around, opened and closed, turned on their sides and choreographed by the team of six performers who tell, dance, move, sing and even tech their way through the magical moments of the show. A village. A bathroom. a breakdown. A man from the country. Door keepers. Magical plates. Dreams. A drowning boy. Somebody who struggles to fit. Forks. Village life. A crazy cooking demonstration.

The amazing soundtrack includes live singing of great beauty, Laurie Anderson, Kletzmer big band, original music by Brendan Bussy.

The lighting, mainly operated by the cast by overhead projector with sand, sticks, water, net, forks, bubble wrap is a brilliant and creative solution to the limitations of festival lights.

This is perfect festival fare, but much more. It is original, inspiring, entertaining, funny and delicious. It will be hard to top this. See it.