So for almost two years the whole of SA has been thinking of ways to use less electricity. In fact, domestic households have been punished for large consumption, by having to pay more over a certain amount. Businesses have been challenged to use less, threats about blackouts were rampant. The coal stores were depleted. Warnings about demand constantly exceeding supply happened on a daily basis. The only solutions Eksdom could give were the building of outrageously expensive and untested pebble bed reactors, or that SA needed to use less electricity and be charged more.

So SA listened. Less electricity was used. Then there was the ‘global downturn’. And sure as shit Eksdom are trying to pull a brand new bullshit argument out of the pipeline (excuse all the mixed metaphors). Now, wait for it, because SA is not using enough electricity, the price is going to have to go up. I kid you not. WTF?