A posse of friends was organised to go to Beefcakes last night to eat burgers and watch Godfrey Johnson and Emile Minnie’s cabaret. It was the way to do it; a big enough group where we could be loud and a little obnoxious and have a jolly good time.

I hate Beefcakes actually. Their burgers (veggie one for me) are not fabulous. I hate that they continue serving, ringing up and running things as the show happens. It is my biggest beef (eina!) that any management can do that to any artist. It sucks. I hate that people are allowed to sit at the bar and pretend like there isn’t a show on, by talking so loudly with turned backs, while we strain to hear from our seats. It is a kak way of putting on live theatre and it makes me upset.

Having said all that, Emile and Godfrey managed to pull of a totally quirky, very funny, delicious and camp little two man cabaret that was completely entertaining and delicious. Lady Gaga (done Die Antwoord style), YMCA, a whole bunch of other 80’s numbers, Waka Waka, and lots of other eclectic stuff were included by these two hilarious and talented men, who were dressed in their Spring Bokkie T’s and little white shorts. It’s a little bit of musical madness done magically well, and it cast its spell over us, in spite of the venue’s limitations and irritations.

If you are hardy enough to catch the show at this venue without getting upset, then check it out every Sunday in October. Otherwise, I have no doubt it will reappear at another venue. Delicious.