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Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards

The nominations for the Fleur du Cap theatre awards are going to be public this morning; in about an hour, so the idea of speculating is ridiculous, and yet! I have butterflies. Will Noah of Cape Town be nominated, and if yes, for what? How do you choose performers from an ensemble cast like that? Obviously I believe that Jaci de Villiers was the best director of the year (if not the decade) and Dicky Longhurst’s design was beyond spectacular and Mannie Manim’s lighting took the production into the stratosphere, but hey, I am a bit biased.

We’ll know at 9 this morning!

Positive PANSA

Last night I learned something beautiful at the PANSA (Performing Arts Network of South Africa) AGM. I’m not a huge meeting goer; I get impatient after 10 minutes, but I was glad I could make this year’s AGM since it wasn’t on a Monday or Tuesday (TheatreSports) night.

Anyhoo, there was a lively little debate about the state of the industry, in which Marianne Thamm spoke about the Fleur du Cap awards and explained how they work, and then it was the nuts and bolts of the AGM stuff. Well done PANSA, for growing and working and creating and developing. Well done Brian Heydenrych, last year’s chair Tanya Surtees and treasurer Erica Glynn-Jones. Well done to the others who sit more behind the scenes too.

At one point Tanya explained PANSA’s new action/slogan; Positive PANSA, and I got it in an instant. It is so powerful. Just saying it makes it true. This kind of thing is not new for me; it’s the basis of all improvisation, but to see it powerfully in action in another context was amazing. The strength of positive means no fighting, taking stuff on, owning stuff and shifting stuff, which is exactly what the top guys did when they were challenged or attacked. I (on the other hand) often held my breath. I wanted to lash out in my normal, boxing gloves way, but the more I positive PANSA’ed, the stronger and better I got.


This is a pic from the play I directed at the PANSA 48hr festival showcase in Jan 2009.

TheatreSports wins big time

So I must confess to the smallest (I lie) of hangovers this morning, but I did do a lot of celebrating last night at the Fleur du Cap awards. The ceremony was the usual glamorous affair at Artscape, with pre-show music and drinks, a full on show during the awards, brilliantly hosted by Nik Rabinowitz and Thoko Ntshinga and a few lekker performances by The La Rosa Spanish Dance Company, Laurika Rauch and Dizu Plaatjies, in particular. The theme of this year’s function was ‘green’ with a green carpet and green inspired invites. A nice touch. I went to the thing with my sister-in-law who was proudly nominated in the category "best performer in a musical" for her performance in Chess, and I was much more disappointed than she was that she didn’t win. I saw the show three times and she totally blew me away. I have to confess though that it was my night! And I didn’t see it coming at all! First up, I was so totally touched that John Caviggia mentioned me in his long and winding thank you speech, acknowledging the work I did in The Merchant of Venice. That was pretty cool. But, blow me away when they announced a brand new category, Innovation in Theatre and I was called up to accept the award, for TheatreSports. This newly created award is to honour theatre that does not fit in to the other more traditional categories; and I think it was fabulous of Distell to make the new award and then to give it to me! I loved it! But that’s not all. Because of the extremely successful campaign of getting friends and fans to vote for TheatreSports, we also won the People’s Choice Award, for which I am most proud. You see, this one is about all the people who love what we do voting for us. And there are a lot of people who love what we do; and who went ahead and voted. It’s been a long, successful road for me and TheatreSports, my theatre baby, of over fifteen years of performance in Cape Town. And it’s really special to be honoured like this. I was so touched (literally hugged and squeezed) by well wishers afterwards, as I ploughed my way steadily through the Pongratz(ulations), and more than one person spoke to me about meganshead, which was also very cool. I am amped for the work I’ll be doing this year! Thank you Distell. Thank you TheatreSports players, present and past, and thank you our fabulous, loyal audiences.


You can vote for the People’s Choice award on the Fleur du Cap website. Just click on the tab on the top right hand corner and vote for TheatreSports which is right at the bottom of the list.

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