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Hooray May Improv and Live Performance

This May will be a huge milestone for me. I return to the stage in a tiny improv festival after over a year of no live improv, and I perform a strange and wonderful creation called Murmurations in front of a live audience. I am nervous, excited and a little bit overwhelmed. What I have taken for granted for most of my life is now a gift that is special and precious.

Our ImproGuise mini improv festival takes place from 6-8 May at The Galloway Theatre at the Waterfront Theatre School. Here is what you can expect on each night.

6 May – Game on! – Based on ou hugely popular short form, Theatresports, this is a super charged and fun improv show with an emcee, judges from the audience and 2 teams, competing in a series of short and outrageous improv games based on suggestions from the audience. Yes, this is the one you always ask for.
7 May – Superscene – This fast paced, highly competitive format is also a firm favourite with ImproGuise fans. Here 6 improvising directors compete against each other with scenes and pitches to the audience for the huge honour of last one standing to perform the final Superscene.
8 May – Fake Place – This delightful longform format sees us highly skilled improvisers exploring a fictional place and playing all the loveable and eccentric characters in it. Heart-warming and gut- wrenchingly funny.

What’s not to love? What we are going to need though, is you. Our faithful, the promisers, the followers from a distance, the wannabes, the improv lovers, the we-haven’t-been-in-a-while-ers, the students, the moms, dads and kids, the whose-line-is-it-anyway fans. We need an audience. A socially distanced, fully masked, totally protocolled audience. Please book. Book here. and come celebrate with us.

Then, later on in the month we have one night of improv at one of our favourite venues, The Drama Factory in Somerset West. Same deal. Best improv in a totally fabulous venue. So many options to see us. Come. Laugh. Enjoy the crazy, in the moment creativity.

I will write a separate and fabulous post about Murmurations with Louise Westerhout at Theatre Arts later.

Improv Explosion – Double Bill

IMG_3481Not gonna lie, after 24 years of improvising it is hard to get my people freshly excited about something I am doing. I keep having fun though, almost every week of my life, but self promotion is becoming more and more of a challenge. My Facebook friends are sick of the weekly invites to our Monday night shows, and I don’t blame them, it is every single Monday night after all.

However, in two weeks’ time, on Monday the 12 October, I am involved in some improv that I can’t help shouting about, from the rooftops (or at least from my blog, and social media).

At 730pm we (Improguise) will be performing some as yet undecided format with our great friend, mentor, magician and master of improv, Chicago based Joe Bill, who is visiting our shores again. But that’s not all. At 9pm Joe Bill and I will be performing an improv duo, because we are completely desperate to be on stage, making stuff up, just the two of us. Honestly, Joe Bill is my wet dream of an improv partner and I can’t believe my fantasy is coming true.

Now, here’s the thing. I have no idea how to tell all of you how amazing this is going to be, or why it would be terrible to miss it. I don’t know what to do to convince you that this is going to be the real (made up) deal.

So I am going to tell you the details, and you can just go ahead and book, ok?

Monday 12 October, Galloway Theatre @The Waterfront Theatre School, 730pm and 9pm

Tickets are R60 per show, or R100 for both. I promise. No strings attached. Ridiculous.

Call, sms or WhatsApp our booking line 0729393351 to book, and spread the word please.

PS. Joe Bill will also be doing one of his amazing improv classes, on Wed 14 October but places are limited so contact to book your spot.

A few things Improv

On Sunday I performed some improv in Jozi with people I had never actually even met before. I was cheeky enough to invite myself to play with the Jittery Citizens who do a monthly stint at Kippies at The Market Theatre. We played Armando, to a tiny audience that included my very vocal nephews (who adored the show), and I was reminded that improv is an amazing thing; with a bit of robust confidence you can play with anyone, anywhere, and even play anything. I had never played Armando in front of a live audience before.

When I do something like this I end up getting re-inspired by what we do in Cape Town. I am reminded of how unbelievably good we are, and how well we know each other, and I know that we can do absolutely anything. Our annual Improv Festival is testimony to that.

Lately I have been feeling that our regular TheatreSports short form improv shows on a Monday night have been in need of a bit of a face lift. We haven’t been attracting huge houses, and us players are also in need of inspiration. So I am excited by our brazen new idea that will bring a completely different format every single Monday night. It started off two weeks ago with a Stuck in The Middle, a great format where one improviser (in this case Leon Clingman) was on stage for the full hour of the show, and the rest of the team put him in different scenes. This Monday’s show was an improvised documentary and I hear it was fantastic (I was in Jozi, so I missed it). It is a format that I think I might have invented and I have played in and seen some outrageous ones.

This coming Monday is SuperScene, a fast paced, high energy, competitive format, where ‘directors’ create scenes and stories played by the team. The audience votes out their least favourite scene in rounds and there is a winning story at the end, that gets a final big finale scene. I’ll be playing and directing in this one and already my competitive juices are flowing. I love winning SuperScene. The cast are Carolyn Lewis, Tandi Buchan, Tarryn Saunders, Anne Hirsch, Ryan Jales, Leon Clingman and me. That is a pretty hot line-up.

Apparently the week after that is Road Movie. I don’t even know what that is yet. Guess we’ll make it up! So, if you like your improv varied, shaken up and different every single time, call our booking line 0729393351 to book. Our Monday night shows start earlier than before, at 730pm, and we perform at the sexy Galloway Theatre at the Waterfront Theatre School. And, of course your weekly dose of improv is still unbelievably ridiculously cheap at R60 a ticket. Pathetic really. For those of you who have never been, here is a handy map too. There is usually convenient parking at the old Hirt and Carter building just a little way down the road.


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